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Undergraduate Admissions

The DGS undergraduate program is a competitive program open to students in their junior and senior years who have met the general admission requirements. Students will apply by February 1 during the spring semester of their sophomore year for program entry the following fall.

I’m coming in as a freshman and plan to apply to DGS. Which major should I declare?

Students who enter UConn as freshmen with the intention of applying to the DGS program may declare any related major. However, we highly recommend declaring the Allied Health Sciences major and indicating an interest in DGS to allow for advising within the Department. You'll spend your freshman and sophomore years completing prerequisite courses before applying to the DGS program, which will begin in your junior year.

I’m a transfer student. How will my application be reviewed?

Because of limited space in the program, current UConn students are given preference. Transfer applicants will be reviewed on a space-available basis according to general admission requirements.

Can I complete the program on a part-time basis?

Completing this program on a part-time basis is not an option.


Note: If you're a current UConn student who came into the University as a freshman, please check the guaranteed admission requirements below to see if you qualify.

The student assumes responsibility for knowing and complying with the regulations and procedures set forth by the University. Click here to view these regulations and procedures.

The admissions committee will be looking for the following when evaluating your application:

Note: Students must earn a passing grade in all prerequisite courses.

**DGS does not require a second organic chemistry, although students considering graduate programs in medicine, genetics, or genetic counseling are highly recommended to complete the second organic chemistry.

General Admission Requirements

Diagnostic Genetic Sciences Program admission is competitive. The following guidelines were established to help students applying to the program prepare for the admissions process. This is a guide only and is not intended to provide absolute standards of admission. All applications are given individual attention, and there are no predetermined, absolute minimum standards, aside from those established by the Department of Allied Health Sciences itself. The size and experience (both academic and non-academic) of the applicant pool varies from year to year, and influences to selection process.
Acceptance decisions are based on the following criteria

  1. Total Grade Point Average (TGPA): A TGPA of 2.2 is necessary to apply to any program in the Department of Allied Health Sciences, however, a TGPA of 2.7 or higher is often necessary to be competitive for admission to the Diagnostic Genetic Sciences Program.
  2. Science Grade Point Average (ScGPA): A ScGPA of 2.7 or higher is recommended to be competitive for admission to the Diagnostic Genetic Sciences Program. Courses in the biological sciences and chemistry are used to calculate the ScGPA. If science courses are retaken to improve one’s academic standing, the ScGPA is calculated twice; once including the original and repeat grade(s), and once with the repeat grade(s) only. Any improvement in academic standing will be factored into the admission decision.
  3. Evidence of Knowledge of the Profession: Students can demonstrate their knowledge and commitment to the professions by observing, volunteering, or working in a laboratory. Additionally, students can conduct informational interviews and attend educational events to gain and demonstrate knowledge of the disciplines. Although not required for admission, participating in these activities is particularly important for students with minimally competitive academic qualifications.
  4. Personal Interview: While recommended and not required, a personal interview with the Program Director or one of the DGS faculty may be helpful to some students.

A candidate certifies awareness of the essential functions and behaviors required for admission and matriculation to the Diagnostic Genetic Sciences Program upon submission of an application to the DGS Program.

Guaranteed Admission Criteria

In order to qualify for Guaranteed Admission to the DGS Program, a student must meet ALL of the following:

  1. Entered UConn as a freshman
  2. Applied to the DGS within two years of their freshman admission 
  3. Completed 3 successive semesters of full time study of required coursework at UConn
  4. Earned an overall GPA of at least 3.2
  5. Met all admission requirements, completed all prerequisites, and filed an application within the Department of Allied Health Sciences by the February 1st deadline

UConn students who do not meet the guaranteed admission criteria will be reviewed competitively and on a space available basis.